Our Straight Strip Wipers and Way Covers are durable, efficient, and resistant to mineral oils and cooling emulsions. We can now offer any custom rubber part or item based on your metric drawing. It does not have to be wiper-related. We can produce small quantities of the following materials: NBR, Neoprene, EPDM, industrial silicone, and natural rubber. Check out our Bellows and other Rubber Components.

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Straight Stip Wipers, Bellows, Way Covers, and Custom Way Wiper Details

  • Our straight stip wipers and custom way wipers for slideways and way covers clean and protect your machine tools increasing the performance and value of your equipment. (The Way Wiper Division of Ameropean Corporation is the North American authorized distributor of VAJ way wipers and products.)

  • The way wiper material efficiently keeps slideways clear of swarf, dust, metal chips, and all other abrasive materials found in the workshop environment

  • Nitrile butadiene rubber (indicated in black on the illustrations) is bonded to a coated metal plate (indicated in white) during the vulcanization process

  • Heat resistant to 80° C, (176° F)

  • Way Wipers are available in 22” (560 mm) lengths and where indicated 39” (1000 mm) lengths. (1” = 25.4 mm)

  • High quality. Long-lasting.

  • Samples available for serious inquiries

  • Stock way wipers ship the same day.

  • No minimum quantity requirements for in-stock items.

Special Orders:

  • Substitute standard rubber with silicone rubber. Heat resistant to 200° C, (392° F), minimums may apply.

  • Substitute the Fe 360 metal plate with stainless steel or brass, minimums may apply.