Other Rubber Components

Gaskets and Rubber parts based on the
client’s drawing: we provide you
support defining the product design.

We keep on helping many
customers to realize the right product for several applications:
With or without lubricants,
Indoor or outdoor,
in water and marine water,
from very cold to very hot environments.

Available Materials

Aluminized glass fabric for high temperature
Viton FKM
NBR Nitrlle Rubber
PVC and thermo-welded polyurethaneSilicon
Rubber for high temperature

Anti-static Rubber
Nr Natural RubberNeoprene fabric
CR Neoprene
Resin-impregnated and anti-dust fabric
Silicon Rubber
NBR-coated polyester fabric

Protect your machine with VAJ products!
Custom-made, more materials available to suit
your working conditions.